unnamed (2)


thoughts……feels……observations….and conversations in my head

in search of sunshine……

we all need sunshine to blossom.  we need water and nourishment from our family and friends and sometimes we find ourselves stuck under a cloud.  clouds work well if they are in passing, they can provide protection and relief.  like everything else in life you can’t have all of one or the other and thrive.  i prefer a sunny day with puffy clouds moving through the sky offering me shade in passing and something beautiful to watch and i’ll just bring my sunscreen for protection.

i am a mother, daughter, sister, and friend.  i am a woman and a work in progress. i’m putting out there my thoughts, my feels, my observations and the conversations going on in my head but my family may want to keep theirs private.   i am looking forward to sharing my quirky sweet kids, my crazy family, my dogs that are people, and my wacky friends but I won’t be giving you their names …so they can keep on  keepin’ it real.

my mom has told me for years that i need to write a book but that is simply too daunting…out of my league. now she has lowered the bar…as we all do over time..and she wants me to write a blog.  why?  because she thinks i’m funny, witty and smart and she even bought me stuff to make my hair shiny so she probably thinks i can be fabulous too.  she is smart and witty and funny and definitely more fabulous than me so for once i’m going to do what she says the first time (well maybe not the first time).

remember , growing up, when we had those little diaries with the tiny, useless, locks on them?  when we thought that we wanted all of our thoughts to be private?  i know that now, in my forties i need to BE HEARD.  it’s a big deal to me. usually, i’m heard mostly in my own head but sometimes, when i say something out loud someone else hears me.  in case you are interested in listening…here is some of what’s going on in my head.